Audionation-UK were approached directly and tasked to pull together a creative team to design interactive software, projections, digital media & static graphics and deliver the new welcome gallery in a tight timescale and budget. Our team came up with range ideas and designs that were presented to the museum curators and exhibition team and in a very short time a design was approved.

Touch wall interactive map. A large format short throw laser interactive projector running Audionation-UK custom software, provides a touch wall interactive map so visitors and explore the hangars, choose a recommended tour and find facilities in an engaging and interactive way. Our bespoke mapping software was recently embedded into an android app that is now throughout the museum to help visitors find their way around with suggested routes through the hangars, find amenities and not miss any of the amazing historic aircraft on display or the immersive experiences, also designed by Audionation-UK and it’s team.

Corner projections. Perfectly aligned and synchronised HD projections of pop up historic facts, animations and footage span across the tight corner of the exhibitions. Visuals fly around the corner undistorted and accompanied with a 5.1 audio surround sound track in a specialty design acoustically controlled area designed by us. A short but creative piece of content with created for visitors to enjoy, presented in a compelling and immersive way.

Heads Up Display simulation

A holographic animated projection representing a pilots HUD. Displaying historic fleet aircraft specification and performance through a modern digital HUD with a range of animated dials and instruments. Graphics behind the transparent display give the impression you are approaching for a carrier landing, and is the centre piece of the exhibition.