To commemorate the achievements and history of Hampshire having such an influence in the transport and vehicle revolutoin, from Thornycrofty to Saunders Roe. One such significant historic aircraft comes from Southampton and is integral to the story of the Spitfire.

The prototype Spitfire first flew from Southampton Airport and production of the earliest models was based at the Supermarine factory in Woolston. We were asked how could we get visitors into the seat of this iconic machine and fly it, there was only way, a spitfire simulator. But in a busy museum, with so many distractions how could a visitor really sense the realism.

So we turned to VR, and created a VR sim experience of the supermarine spitfire. Visitors had to book their slot at the museum ticket office as a cadet. Climbing into the cockpit, goggles on and grabbing the yoke you take to the skies.

We designed the fuselage to vibrate under those merlin engines, we had fans to simulate a flight with the canopy open, airscrew control and yoke pedal. The whole experience immersed the pilot, we sounds from nearby ATC and the option to take control mid-flight if take was a little tricky. A wonderful flying experience without leaving the ground.