2019 Museum & Heritage award ‘Best Temporary Exhibition’

Audionation-UK were chosen as the AV contractor by Unusual Exhibitions for the 2019 award winning Spanish Flu Exhibition based within the Florence Nightingale Museum, London. Praised by the judges for the creative use of technology. Audionation-UK are proud to be behind the technical design, software and installation for this thought provoking, yet small but perfectly formed exhibition.

We designed and installed a number of technical AV solutions and software that all run in harmony together, all perfectly timed so no visitor would miss the final visual and SFX finale. Projected animations mapped onto beds produced by us show the symptoms developing, a touch screen tablet and animated video onto the mirrors, all themed and set in a mock up WW1 medical field tent.

How more so important is this exhibition significance now, at the time no idea that less than a year later history would repeat itself. A worthy winner through the use of clever technology.

The finale show is a clever and creative use of lighting software technology, visuals and SFX bespoke and developed by us. As the animated video ends the lights dim and the sound of distant coughs and battle begin to get closer. As the death bell tolls the lights change to UV and reveal through UV paint how easily Flu virus spreads, from hands prints over the wall, splatters of blood and footprints. The final piece is a programmed light sequence of downlighting over a large wall graphic that is cleverly lit behind a gauze so only visible at the end sequence, showing visitor the millions of deaths from 1918 pandemic.

Audionation designed the complete hardware schematics, software light programming, video playback, mapping, SFX production and synchronisation software. Installation was complete in just 3 days and ready for the public, and worthy of the prestigious award.

Why The Judges Chose This Winner

"Clever use of space and creative use of technology to tell an important story with great credibility and authority"